Spa Martinique - Surprise Additional Charges

Palatine, Illinois 1 comment

I went in for a haircut, and not only did they do exactly what I didn't want, but they charged extra for a service I didn't ask for.I had no idea I would be charged an extra $20.00 for the stylist to use a "flat iron" on my hair after blowdrying.

The thing that really irritates me, is that she didn't even have a flat iron... she used a stadard curling iron to straighten out a few pieces.. not my whole head! This could have been easily accomplished using a brush and blowdryer properly.

This is supposed to be a quality salon/spa?


West Menlo Park, California, United States #264039

First of all, I go to the salon at Spa Martinique and it is a wonderful salon. The stylists discuss all pricing on consultation so you would know what you are paying upfront. I dont buy your comment..if you did not get what you wanted it is probably your fault.

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